Blue Daze

Blue Daze
Optimal Light: Part shade
Light Range: Part shade
Soil Moisture: Low
Native: No
Drought Tolerance: Medium
Perennial: Yes
Growth Rate: Medium
Mature Height: .5 – 1 ft.
Mature Spread: 1 – 2 ft.
Soil Texture: Sandy Loam
Soil pH: Slightly acidic,
Slightly alkaline
Salt Tolerance: High
Hardiness Zone: 9b-11

Blue Daze, Evolvulus glomeratus spp. Grandiflorus

This low growing ground cover has alluring, powder blue blooms and small leaves with a velvety silver cast. New daily flowers last only one day, opening in the morning and closing for the night. This prolific bloomer likes a sunny area and regular watering to promote its year round show of color. Tender to temperatures below 36 degrees.

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