Home Watch on Sanibel / Home Watch on Captiva

Home Watch SanibelTo have a good and safe feeling whenever you are not home, we will take care of your house. Our weekly, bi-weekly or monthly Service of Home Watch Sanibel and Home Watch Captiva offers you a qualified check of all critical points inside and outside your property.

Home Watch on Sanibel / Captiva or in Cape Coral and Fort Myers guarantees a good and safe feeling

The most insurance companies require and recommend a check of all critical points around the property on a regular basis to be protected and full covered. Of course you will get a report by phone or email after each visit. In case of emergency we will call you immediately.

We work together with your vendors, set appointments, give them access to your property and report to you if inquired. Further we have a huge list of local vendors we are working with for a long time to help you finding the right company at the right time easily.

Our Home Watch Service key facts:

Exterior Interior
  • Check mailbox
  • Check faucets & hoses for leaks
  • Switch on / off main water
  • Check for signs of pests, wasp / bee nests, rats
  • Remove solicitations, newspapers, phone- books and debris
  • Check all doors & windows for signs of weather damage & vandalism
  • Inspect screen enclosed patio for damage
  • Check for outside damages
  • Visual inspection of landscaping & weeds
  • Visual inspection of pool
  • Alarm system check
  • Check all doors/windows are locked
  • Check sinks, drains, showers and tubs for leaks
  • Search for signs of pest infestation
  • Check for signs of mold, unusual sounds or smells
  • Flush toilets, run faucets, check for leaks
  • Refrigerator – Operation & temperature settings
  • Dishwasher – Check for leaks
  • Air Conditioning – temperature check and adjustment if requested / necessary
  • Smoke Detectors – batteries
  • Clothes Washer – check for leaks
  • Digital pictures inside and/or outside if required
  • Check inside for damages

If you have any further points or wishes we are happy to add them to our checklist. In emergency you can reach our Service of Home Watch for Sanibel and Home Watch Captiva 24/7.

Get your free estimate for your Service of Home Watch Sanibel and Home Watch Captiva now. Of course we offer  Home Watch for Fort Myers and Home Watch for Cape Coral as well.

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