Cataractarum Palm

Optimal Light: Full sun
Light Range: Full sun to full shade
Soil Moisture: Low to medium soil moisture
Native: No
Drought Tolerance: High
Perennial: N/A
Growth Rate: Medium
Mature Height: 4 – 6 ft.
Mature Spread: 6 – 8 ft.
Soil Texture: Any
Soil pH: Slightly acidic,
Slightly alkaline
Salt Tolerance: Medium
Hardiness Zone: 10-11

Cataractarum Palm, Chamaedorea cataractarum

Originates in Southeastern Mexico and also called Cascade Palm. This suckering palm has a similar look to the Areca Palm but does not get as tall or massive reaching only 6 ft. at maturity. This palm has trunk less plants for stems unlike most palms and can have a wide spread whereby a 5 ft. tall palm can be 7 ft. in diameter. Prefers partial shade and regular watering but can be acclimated to grow in full sun. Also used indoors as a potted foliaged plant in brighter locations.

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