Fishtail Palm

Optimal Light: Shade
Light Range: Part sun to shade
Soil Moisture:
Native: No
Drought Tolerance: Medium
Perennial: N/A
Growth Rate: Slow
Mature Height: variable
Mature Spread: variable
Soil Texture: Any
Soil pH: Slightly acidic,
Slightly alkaline
Salt Tolerance: Low to None
Hardiness Zone: variable

Fishtail Palm, Chamaedorea

Marvelous clustering palm with light green leaflets that are shaped like a fish tail fin, hence the common name! Flowering begins as the palm matures with flowers at the top of each stem. This process continues downward to the last flowering stage when the stem dies. The palm stems should be removed as they die and is of no great consequence due to thick multiple trunks. Be careful of the sap and pulp when cutting as it is very irritating to the skin, eyes and mouth.

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