Awabuki Viburnum

Awabuki Viburnum
Optimal Light: Full sun
Light Range: Full sun to part shade
Soil Moisture: Low
Native: No
Drought Tolerance: Medium
Perennial: N/A
Growth Rate: Slow
Mature Height: 15 – 20 ft.
Mature Spread: 15 – 20 ft.
Soil Texture: Any
Soil pH: Acidic, Slightly acidic, Slightly alkaline
Salt Tolerance: Low to None
Hardiness Zone: 9-11

Awabuki Viburnum, Viburnum odoratissimum var. awabuki

Handsome, hardy viburnums are the ultimate in sturdy shrubs for hedges, and two of the most popular varieties are odoratissimum and suspensum. These two plants, fairly similar in looks and habit, are some of our most commonly used shrubs. Ride down any street in South Florida and you’re likely to see one of them. Both sprout white blossoms in spring – and the sweet scent of the odoratissimum flowers are the reason this variety is sometimes called “Sweet Viburnum. “But bloom time is short and these shrubs have other attributes to make them invaluable landscape plants for South Florida. Need a hedge in a hurry for a sunny area? Odoratissimum is the perfect choice. Looking for shrubs for shade? Suspensum does fine in any light, and can be used as a hedge or even a large (3 feet tall) foundation plant.

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