Simpson`s Stopper

Simpsons Stopper
Optimal Light: Full sun
Light Range: Full sun to shade
Soil Moisture: Medium to high
Native: Yes
Drought Tolerance: High
Perennial: N/A
Growth Rate: Slow
Mature Height: 6 – 30 ft.
Mature Spread: 15 – 20 ft.
Soil Texture: Any
Soil pH: Slightly acidic, Slightly alkaline, Alkaline
Salt Tolerance: High
Hardiness Zone: 9b-11

Simpson’s Stopper, Myrcianthes fragrans

Simpson’s Stopper or “Twinberry” is a shrub that makes everybody happy – with flowers that attract butterflies, fruit that birds enjoy, and the ease of care that homeowners love about this South Florida native plant.One of the best wildlife plants for our area, this plant is cold hardy, salt tolerant, drought-tolerant once established and grows slowly so maintenance is at a minimum.The small white fragrant blossoms appear on and off all year. The bloom is heaviest in spring, with pretty white flowers decorating the plant. After the flowers comes the fruit…bright red berries that are a favorite of the mockingbird (Florida’s state bird), blue jay, and cardinal.

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