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perfect service

Island Home Service has provided home watch, pool service, and lawn care for my home for the last nine years. The former owners were so wonderful that I was rather disappointed when I learned that they had sold the business. The Schreyers have been such an amazing surprise. My landscaping and pool look better than they ever have. I have used their housecleaning service and been totally satisfied. My house was immaculate. When I have been away from my home for long periods of time, Marie-Claire has noted any issues, contacted me quickly, and then dealt with the problem. I always trust her recommendations. Island Home Service has handled all of my requests and concerns quickly and efficiently. I truly could not be happier with the services they have provided for me.

Karen Kerr, Sanibel Island

Cleaning Service Cape Coral

Thanks a lot for the fast and perfect service. After we moved out the house needed to be cleaned. Everybody knows, if you are moving you can’t be at the new address and at the old address at the same time. It’s a lot more fun to be at the new address instead of to clean at the old address. So I decided to hire Island Home Service as my Cleaning Service in Cape Coral. I was surprised, everything looks like new and at an affordable price. They did really a great job, I can recommend Island Home Service.

Jess, Cape Coral

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