Optimal Light: Full sun
Light Range: Full sun to part shade
Soil Moisture: Low
Native: Yes
Drought Tolerance: High
Perennial: N/A
Growth Rate: Medium
Mature Height: 3 – 35 ft.
Mature Spread: 10 – 50 ft.
Soil Texture: Sandy
Soil pH: Acidic, Slightly acidic, Slightly alkaline
Salt Tolerance: High
Hardiness Zone: 9-11

Seagrape, Coccoloba uvifera

Noted for its high salt tolerance. Native to coastal areas but does well inland too. Have huge, dark green glossy leaves with reddish veins. Great for tall, full screening or as a lone tree that can be pruned up on the bottom to expose attractive tan trunks. Fragrant blooms that produce grape-like edible fruit used to make jelly. Cold hardy to about 30°.

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